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Inspirations of Spring: A creative retrospective.

Spring is fully here. It’s my favourite season and I’m feeling a sense of renewal and the start of a new chapter.

Sometimes we have to look back to look forward. Winter naturally seems to be a time of quieter introspection. This year for me it was about exploring creativity and also reflecting on the past, in order to move forward. I looked over the last 10 years in terms of life lessons, travels, personal achievements and creative projects. I was able to gain a better idea of the journey, to celebrate my wins, be thankful for even what the difficult times had taught me, and the good things that came out of unplanned circumstances.

Seeing my creative and photography work over those 10 years – was like a retrospective. From the freely creative and big dream times when I was still in art school, to taking a more commercial or “sensible” approach in the working world. There were times when I took on other office and management jobs and only did photography as a hobby. Then beginnings in wedding and portrait photography, and then the seemingly chance connections and encounters with like-minded people who brought me into fashion and lifestyle work I do now.

I had been feeling like I had unfinished business with these past projects. I photographed a lot of wedding and events – and because I have invested time and energy in cultivating those skills I felt I must keep taking on those sorts of projects – even though I now feel more strongly drawn to other things. But creating a retrospective for myself helped me to close off those ideas and projects, and no longer feel like I must keep producing the same kind of work. It cleared my creativity for new ideas, by being thankful and grateful for all I had already done and what it taught me, and allowed me to move forward.


Now in the last quarter of the year as Spring blooms, a feeling of change is in the air. A lighter and fresher feeling and new buds of inspiration. My focus is shifting to taking a fresh perspective and trying new things in my photography career, while living with a more balanced approach and gentler, enjoyable pace of life.

What is Spring bringing you?


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