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Some ideas on living a simpler life… It seems these days that in “real life” and online, so many of the people I talk to and the blogs I read there is a real feeling of needing to slow down and live a simpler life. Some people are talking about it…but almost feel guilty admitting to it. Many are too scared to actually speak about it… in case they are perceived as a “failure” of some sort for it.

Then there are new trends emerging too. More people are taking up slower paced hobbies like cooking and crafts and calligraphy. Also exploring traditional knowledge like Ayurveda and Yoga and aligning with natures rhythms and new ideas like Mindfulness. But even with these there is sometimes a feeling that we need to be “better” and “keep up” rather than just doing it to relax and enjoy the process. Maybe it’s because we can see what everyone is doing on social media and this leads to unnecessary comparison.

There seems to be a collective urge among some  to slow down…To appreciate and to savour, to be still. To have quality over quantity. And to create from love and passion and rather than a fear to stay visible and relevant in a saturated and fast paced arena. And that if we all allow ourselves this balance and slower pace we crave…maybe collectively we can hope this mad rush the world is in will slowly shift…Our lives and our creativity will surely benefit.


Painting at my desk

I picked up a Happiness Journal from Kikki K earlier this year. Through this I’ve been taking the advice of focusing on one area of life at a time, taking note of what I love and what I’d like to change.

  • So far I’ve taken tips form Ayurveda to focus on establishing a nurturing and regular daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal routine in line with natural rhythms, to create balance and take some of the effort out of life. This includes making regular times for self-care as a way of nurture, rather than another task to be done. And also to allow flexibility rather than rigidity in my approach.
  • I’ve learnt to live with more intention, slow down and savour the little things more. Things such a cooking and enjoying a nice meal in the sunshine, and taking up forgotten hobbies like painting, spending time in nature and spending quality time with family and friends.
  • To be more present in the moment rather than concerning myself with the past or future.

These grounding practices take some time to become habits. But it’s a good foundation for wherever life takes us

Photos by Priya Puri. February and March 2016.
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